Friday, March 21, 2008

Scary Morning

Well, as I was typing my post earlier, little man was still asleep. I didn't think that was unusual because he was up until after 10:00 last night. I had checked on him earlier, and he was sleeping away in his crib. I covered him back up, and slowly walked out of his room. Around 10:00 I finally heard him cry. I went in and he was standing in his crib with his arms up. He still seemed a little sleepy, so I brought him out in the living room with me and we cuddled on the couch. He will usually only do this for a couple minutes because he is CONSTANTLY on the go. Well, he just laid there...not trying to get up, not trying to play with the cat when she jumped up, nothing. I finally decided to try to put him down to see if he wanted to play. Nothing. He actually started to cry and wanted to come back and lay down. I changed his diaper and he just laid there. Being the first-timemother that I am, I started to get a little worried. Since he hadn't eaten yet, I put him in his high chair and went to make him breakfast. He started to cry. His hands seemed like they were shaking and seemed a little blue. Being a heart baby, it made me more than a little nervous. I called my hubby and asked him to come home. I called my mother (who lives downstairs) and asked her to come up. He just wasn't acting like himself. On top of the shakiness and blue-looking hands, he seemed very lethargic. I decided to call the pediatrician and see what they suggested....bring him in there or go to the ER. The last appointment of the morning was at 11:20 - it was 11:10. She wanted to know if I could make it in for that or we could come in at 1:20. There was no way I could wait that I rushed and got dressed and we were out the door. Luckily the office is just up the street from us. We got there and got in pretty quickly. When the nurse practitioner saw wouldn't know it was the same boy we had at home. He was smiling, laughing, playing, everything!!!! Why does that always happen? It makes me feel like an overreacting, first-time mother!!! She was very nice though and looked over little man very thoroughly. She said his heart sounded fine, his lungs were clear and his coloring was fine. She actually said she was glad we were cautious and came in. It definitely made us feel 100% better!!! It was one of the scariest moment I have had since I became a mother!!! He is usually so full of energy...even when he's sick!!!! As I type this, he is happily playing in the living's music to my ears!!!