Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Pictures

(Suck a simple pose, background, etc....I fell in love with it!!!)

Along with my little seeing the cardiologist yesterday, we also had his Easter pictures taken. In the past we have gone to Walmart, but we decided to try another studio. My hubby's work had given us a booklet of coupons before little man was born, so we figured is was about time we used them!!!! Nothing like waiting a whole year and a half!!! : ) We even went out last minute and bought him a new outfit. I figured it would get dual outfit for pictures and he can also wear it for Easter. Hubby kind of bought my reasoning. It was originally $29.99, but with 50% off and an extra 10% from a coupon, we only paid $13.49. A heck of a deal for a 3-piece outfit!!! Anyway....I got off topic. The place we got little man's picture taken is the same place we had our engagement pictures my family has used them quite a bit over the years. They give you a ton of poses and a variety of packages to choose from. I always have such a hard time deciding what pictures I want to could I possibly live with pictures using just one pose when he took sooooooo many cute pictures? Little man did really well. They even included a real, live bunny in some of the picturss. He did really well with that....but he has had a lot of practice with his three kitties at home!!! Sitting at the computer and sorting through all the pictures was soooo hard. I don't even know how many pictures they took, but I loved them all. I was good though. I made a list of the pictures I really liked. then went through each pose to find which one I liked best, and then chose from there. We actually got three poses....and a free CD with all the pictures they took. It's a low-resolution CD, so when you pull up the pictures one by one they are really kind of fuzzy. when I put in the CD, I figured out they had done a slide show with all the pictures, full size, great resolution, set to music. Now I can't print these pictures or anything, but it's a great memory to be able to pull up and look at. As I watched the slide show a couple times today, I realized there are a couple poses that I really want to go back and order. The nice thing is that they keep them on file for a any time I think I want to order something, I can. We'll see though.....I need to consider how much we paid for these and go from there. Well, I think I've babbled enough. I'll close with some of little's man poses. Enjoy and leave some comments if you'd like!


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness- those pictures are so adorable! I love them!

I read your post below too- so glad to hear that the appointment went well. I can't even imagine everything you've gone through with Little Man! You're one tough momma!!