Monday, March 24, 2008


My post earlier covered the birth of baby girl, so I didn't get to talk about Easter. With little man being so young, we didn't do too much for him. My hubby and I went to Target on Saturday, and we were really amazed to see what other people had in their carts....Guitar Hero, big toys, video games. When did Easter become as big as Christmas for presents? When I was I kid, I remember getting a basket fiilled with candy. And if were really lucky, we might get a cassette tape. I never had expectations of anything more than that. I think we may have spent $10 to get Easter Bunny things for little man...he has so many toys already!!!

The last picture is of little man trying to get open the box Mr. Potato Head came in....not to play with the toy....he just loves boxes. Typical kid!!!!

Dinner was supposed to be easy, but it didn't turn out that way. We were going to do scalloped potatoes and ham in the crock pot, but I couldn't find a recipe I liked. I ended up making a white sauce....the whole nine yards. Hubby really helped out a ton while I was putting together dinner. He always says he wants to learn how to cook, so I took him up on it!!!

This is before cooking

Just out of the oven....
I know, they don't look much different...but it tasted good.

The complete dinner. We went the easy route this year. I can remember growing up and spending hours in the kitchen cooking with my mom and sister for many holidays. I'm all about easy and simple now...well, kind of!!!

Finally here's little man enjoying his Easter dinner....mainly the rolls!!!
Hope everyone had a happy holiday!