Saturday, March 22, 2008

Busy Saturday

It's only 8:30, but my boys are still sleeping. My hubby will be getting up in a few minutes, as he has to take the car to get inspected. Always such fun. Little man is still sleeping. After the craziness of yesterday, who could blame him? I've already been in to check on him. He's sleeping on his belly with his little tush up in the air. How I absolutely love seeing him sleep like that! Altough I don't really understand how that can be a comfortable position!! After my hubby gets home, we have some running around to do. I really want to take little man to see the Easter Bunny. We already had his picture taken with real bunnies, but I want to do this too. I'm also interested to see how he reacts. Last year with the Easter Bunny, he was fine....but he was only 3 months old. Sants that's another story. He cried and cried. He did stop long enough (like two seconds) for them to get an ok picture. If we get a decent picture, I'll have to post it here! Other than that, there is a ton of laundry to do, some grocery shopping to be done, and maybe a little Easter Bunny shopping along the way too!!! I know...such a procrastinator!!! Well, my hubby's alarm just went off...I best go make sure he gets up and out of here on time.