Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time for an update

It has been too long since I last updated...almost 2 weeks? We took a trip to meet baby girl last weekend. The car ride wasn't too bad. It's only 3 hours from our house to my sisters, but this is the first time we have travelled with little man since we went to visit her last May. Little man was only 4 months old then, so he slept most of the time. I wasn't sure how it was going to be this time around, so I packed many snacks, drinks, toys, and books to make sure little man was entertained. Little man did not sleep, one bit!!! He made it through the first 2 hours and 15 minutes...the next 45 minutes were not very pretty. He just wanted out of his car seat so bad. We didn't stop to let him get out, since we feared he would not get back in. We made it to my sister's in one piece and finally got to meet baby girl.

We even got our first picture of the two cousins together.

She is a tiny, little thing. Looking at baby girl, it's hard to believe little man was once that little. There may have been a slight twinge of wanting another one, but....not yet!!! I have to do a little more convincing with hubby!!!

We took a walk to the playground while we were there, and little man got to ride on the swings and go down the slide for the first time this year.

On Sunday, we left early since we didn't know what to expect from little man on our return trip. Within a few minutes he went from this...

to this.....

The ride home wasn't as hard. Little man slept for a little over an hour, and only started to have his meltdown about 15 minutes from home. He was so glad when we pulled in front of our house and got out of that car seat. I know how hard it is for me, as an adult, to sit for that long. I can't imagine what it must be like for little man. So we had a good trip, but I don't know when we are going to be travelling with him again....maybe when he's 10!!!!


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness- baby girl is soooo sweet. I'm so excited to get to see her picture. I hope you can convince her mommy to start a blog!!

And of course- little man is adorable as always.

Hailey doesn't usually sleep when we make our trips to visit either. It used to be torture but since we got a little portable DVD player and we let her watch a DVD she is usually pretty good.