Monday, April 21, 2008

Momma Meme

My friend Melanie had this on her blog, so I thought it would be fun to play along.....

Momma Meme #1
Baby’s Name? Little man...hee hee hee
Male/Female? Male
Birthday? January 6th
Where was he/she born? Crouse Hospital
What time was he/she born? 8:14 am
Weight/length at birth? 7 lb. 11 oz., 19 in.
Age as you’re typing this survey: 33
Are you a paranoid mom…? Sometimes
Do you sterilize everything (like boil nipples or wash every toy)? I sterilized bottles, nipples, and pacifiers the first time I used them, but not after that.
Do you buy “sensitive skin” wipes because they’re “better” for baby’s skin? Actually, I buy them because I don't like really strong smells, and these are basically unscented
Do you worry that your baby will stop breathing in his/her sleep? I used to check him all the time when he was a newborn, not as much anymore
Do you freak out if they happen to doze off during tummy time? (SIDS!!) Little man was too busy screaming during tummy time to fall asleep.
Do you wash your baby’s clothing in Dreft or other baby detergent? I did for probably the first 6 months, then changed to a free & clear detergent and use it on all of our clothes
Do you refuse to dress baby in anything with buttons (choking hazard)? I've never thought about that...but not a lot of baby/kid clothes come with buttons
Do you watch (and critique) when someone else changes baby’s diaper? No, but when I change him after someone else has I kind of chuckle at how it is put on
Did you buy all of their furniture (crib, changing table, stroller) NEW? Yes, but we hadn't planned on it. Lost our crib in a flood. We ended up getting as gifts our crib, changing table, and stroller
Do you have to wash a pacifier that fell on the floor before giving to baby?In the beginning I did, now I can just wipe it off and it's fine
Do you worry about anyone else holding your baby? Sometimes certain people
When you leave baby with a sitter, is all you do worry about baby? I trust anyone who has watched him need to worry
Do you jump out of bed the second baby starts fussing during the night? No, I wait a couple minutes to see if he can settle himself. If not, then I go see what's the matter.
Do you worry about making baby bleed when clipping his/her fingernails?Yes, the first time I tried to do it, I made his finger now that's Dad's job!!!
Do you call your pediatrician at least once a week? No, since little man spent the first 3 weeks of his life in the hospital dealing with doctors, nurses, etc., I only call(ed) when I absolutely had to!
Do you cancel playdates because your baby has a runny nose and coughed once? How sad, we've never had a play date...but I have sent him to the babysitter with a runny nose.
Do you refuse to go shopping without a shopping cart cover?I have put him in the cart a couple times without the cover....but the majority of time I insist we use it!!!
If you have a cat, do you worry about toxoplasmosis? I don't worry....I have three cats.
Is your baby allowed anywhere near your pets?Yes, little man loves the cats....and will pretty much do anything to lay on top of them!!
Do you only feed your baby organic baby foods out of fear of preservatives?Um...yeah....sure.
Do you think you are or ever have been a paranoid new mom? Upon occasion
If you want to play along, feel free- just let me know so I can check out your answers.


Melanie said...

I'm so glad you did this. It was really fun to read your answers!!