Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crying due to Operation No Binky

I'm sitting at my computer listening to little man scream and cry. I feel horrible because I can't go in and give him what he wants...the binky!!! This is about the millionth time I have attempted this. It always seems to get sabotaged.

I started again on Friday. Saturday morning my hubby got little man up and brought him out with a binky in his mouth. I was devastated. I thought my one day of hard work was gone. Then I had to go to work. My hubby was home with little man all day...even nap time. He relented and gave little man the pacifier for nap time.

Then I put little man to bed without the pacifier, and he slept through the night. Yay!!! He didn't have it for his afternoon nap! Yay again!!!

Now it's bed time and he's probably been crying for about 10 minutes now!!! I figure if we can get through a couple more nights, we should be good. Now if everyone gets on the same page as me, it'll be perfect!!!


melanie said...

I still haven't even attempted this. It's going to be sooooo hard.

There are many times that the adults in my house are on different pages too. That makes it the hardest.