Saturday, July 19, 2008

Early Morning Quiet and a Busy Day

I'm up bright and early. I usually am on the weekends. There is something about sitting in the quiet house before anyone else is up. I know the rest of the day is going to be spent taking care of little man. So I enjoy this hour or so of time to myself. My hubby is still sleeping too. We have a busy day ahead of us. I want to head to the local farmer's market, my mother wants to go to a dollar store, and we have a party to go to later this afternoon. Fun! I guess that's what summer is all about though!
Speaking of summer, just this past week I finally got little man's pool out so he could play in it! He's been using the one at the babysitter's house but not at home. He really enjoyed it. Toward the end though, he liked throwing the water onto the lawn more than anything least the lawn got watered a bit! Enjoy the pictures!

The other day I brought out a movie for the first time to see if little man would watch it. I put in Elmo in Grouchland, and he actually would watch it off and on. Well last night he was really cute. He loves to go over to our dvd's and pulls them off the shelf. He always manages to have a huge pile on the floor before I can get to him. Yesterday he kept walking over to the shelves, and I kept steering him away. Finally last night he got over there before I could get him. He pulled some dvds off the shelf and then started walking over to me. Wouldn't you know he had the Elmo in Grouchland dvd. So cute. I didn't think he would know what one it was...but he loves Elmo. So I put it in and we snuggled together and watched it. How I savor days like that because I know the time is going to come that he won't want that!


Anonymous said...

Is there enough room for "baby girl" next time we are home?