Friday, June 13, 2008

My Daddy

It's been just over a year and a half since I lost my dad. With Fathers Day coming up, it just reminds me of him even more. I was going to look for cards for my hubby from me and little man, and my first thought was of what type of card I would get for my dad, only he's not here. Then I was walking through the store, and I saw many different presents I would have bought for him, only he's not here. He is never far from my thoughts. He was a great dad, the kind every kid wishes he had. Yes, he could be strict, but looking back he had reason. He could be embarrassing, but what teenager didn't feel this way at some point? He could be funny, and he made us all laugh. My dad loved to be on the go. He was our transportation for many years. When friend's parents didn't feel like driving us somewhere, we knew all we had to do is ask my dad and he would say yes. If we were a little low on money, and one of his kids wanted something, he would sacrifice so we could get it. He was a very unselfish man. He never wanted for much. He was a very simple man. Most days he would be wearing his cuffed jeans, a t-shirt and his sneakers. But when he dressed up, you never saw a more handsome man. One of my memories that I have as a little girl is the smell of my dad's cologne. It was never the expensive stuff for my was all about the Old Spice. And to this day when I smell it, I automatically think of him! Now that I have little man, I think of how much he would have loved to spend time with him. He actually joked with me over the years that if I ever had children, he would have to take them from me to take care of and I could come visit them on weekends! I alway knew he thought I would be more than capable of taking care of them, he was just excited by the prospect of grandchildren! And looking at little man, sometimes I think he looks alot like my dad...and that's good! I never knew how much I would miss him...but I miss him so much. So for everyone who has their daddy to celebrate this holiday with, go see your dad, call him, whatever, just tell him you love him and you're glad he is your dad!! I think, even though he's no longer here, my dad always knew how much he meant to me!


livin with me said...

What a sweet post about your dad- you made me cry. I loved your dad too- he was such a wonderful man who ALWAYS made me laugh. He was most definitely my favorite of all my friends dads. You'd probably be surprised how often I think of him and smile about something funny he had said.